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How do I get to the Kraken website if the link doesn't work?

Sometimes it happens that you follow the link rtco2srzpwh7gw3m6lvknwjwsy62xyhzq4umv2owyi5uf3t47fqr5rqd.onion, and the site is not available. What to do? Of course, you can wait for some time and wait until the resource becomes active again. However, if you urgently need to go to 2krn, then this option will definitely not suit you.

In this case, the developers of KRAKEN Onion have created mirror sites that can be continuously used at any convenient time.

What is a Kramp cc mirror?

Nowadays, a site mirror is called a copy of it located at a different address. All content from the original resource is copied to the mirror resource. These two resources – both the original and the mirror have a strong connection thanks to the existing server redirect settings.

Based on the above data, the kraken mirror is a copy of the kramp Onion website, which has a different name. Working with the platform through a mirror allows you to use all the features of Kraken, despite the fact that the original resource is blocked at this time.

Working mirror for today: